How Capital Junk Can Help You Safely And Properly Get Rid Of Your Garbage

The city garbage pickup cannot accommodate all types of junk and waste materials. Moreover, there are items that you cannot directly put in your garbage bin like for instance poisonous chemicals and appliances. In case you need to get rid of a lot of unwanted materials, you can seek help from a trusted junk removal company in Ottawa.
If you have to discard a large volume of garbage, or if you need to throw away waste materials that are considered hazardous, the best option you have is to hire a garbage removal company in Ottawa

There are currently a lot of companies and private citizens that offer garbage disposal services. But not all of them are truly reliable, honest, and affordable. Among the very few companies that are trusted not only by homeowners but also by small to large establishments and construction companies is Capital Junk.
Who and what is Capital Junk?
Capital Junk is a locally owned and run full-service junk removal Ottawa company that is well-known for being the most outstanding company when it comes to quality service, honesty, reliability, and affordability. They do not just deliver outstanding junk removal services in Ottawa, but also in Richmond, Gatineau, Hull, Orleans, Greely, Barrhaven, Stittsville, Cantley, and other surrounding areas. 

They help both their residential and commercial clients get rid of their bulky unwanted waste materials like yard refuse, household waste, furniture, construction materials, and renovation debris safely and properly while still being environmentally responsible.

Capital Junk, as well as their equipment and their staff, are fully licensed by the Ministry of Environment for commercial and residential junk removal. Their drivers and staff are insured for accidental damage and injury.
How are they different from other junk removal companies?
Unlike most of the junk removal companies in Ottawa, Capital Junk offers full-service junk removal service for home and business owners. They haul unwanted materials from retail locations, construction sites, condos, offices, and residential areas. Their garbage trucks are 20% bigger than the standard size used by other companies. This only means that they can take out more volume of garbage at a lesser amount of time at a more affordable price.
They also do not charge any additional fees for disposal and labour as it is already part of the price quotation. You can expect a fair price quotation upfront before starting the removal based on the material you have. 

If you requested for a truck but you can't fill it up completely, you do not have to worry about paying for the entire truck because you will only be charged for the amount of space you consumed, nothing more, nothing less. They can also do the demolition job at no extra cost. You need to notify them, though, about it ahead of time in order for them to be prepared for it and to bring proper tools.
On being environmentally responsible.
For the past 10 years, Capital Junk has not once taken for granted the value of responsible waste disposal. They do not just help home and business owners properly and safely dump their junks, they also help save the environment by donating, diverting, and recycling as much as 70% of the garbage they have collected. In fact, they have partnered with various institutions and initiated a number of recycling initiatives like light bulb recycling, fixture recycling, and electronics recycling programs, making them the leader in diversion and recycling in Eastern Ontario.